BWT – Battery Filling System (Price $365.00 includes Hand Pump)

Golf Buggy / Cart /  Battery Watering System - BWT (Battery Watering Technologies)

NOTE: This particular fill system will fit below under seat trays on most golf carts.

Smaller kits are available for fork lifts and boats - Contact Dan for details.

Qld Golf Carts are very pleased to advise that we have been officially notified that we are the Sole Australian Distributor of BWT single point battery filling systems and other battery maintenance products.  We have your needs covered!

Introducing the premium battery maintenance watering system - BWT Single Point Filling System.  Maximise the life and run time of your golf cart batteries using the latest in battery maintenance technology!  BWT Filling Systems include a number of innovative features not found in other brands - such as the float which indicates the level of the electrolyte inside the battery (you don't need to remove the manifold) and clear tubing - so you can see and ensure water reaches every single one of your cells, making any blockages visible.

These systems are available to suit most major brand batteries and configurations including:

  • TROJAN                     T105, T875, T1275
  • US BATTERY              US2200, US8VGC, US12VXC
  • JCI                               Most batteries
  • CROWN                      Most batteries

When ordering, simply tell us the number of batteries in your vehicle and your best description of the battery brand and model number.

Special price $365.00 including GST (rrp $438.00) THIS INCLUDES THE HAND PUMP (Value $52.00) - nominate 11 mm blue connection or 22 mm black connection.

If you do not require the hand pump Price $318.00 including GST (rrp $384.00)

Post & Handling $18.00 Australia wide - Australia Post tracking.


INSTALLATION - BWT Battery Watering System

Battery Watering Technologies - Faster - Safer - Better

Price: $365